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Eight Technologies has developed the 8tech button to play audio files from our clients accounts when clicked. Try clicking the 8tech button below:

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The 8tech managers website is for website owners, developers and designers who have clients that need to improve the way their clients get information to a company, organization, website visitor, mobile internet user or buyer. Below are examples of who has set up their own groups to sell the 8tech platform to their clients and reasons why it improves their clients goals.

  1. Website design and development groups wanting to expand their services.
    • Initially designing or editing a website is the perfect time to add this enhanced feature for a client's website.
    • Give your clients added features by letting them use audio tagged to their text content.
    • Improve your clients website performance with a proven strategy.
    • Your clients will be able to use the tagged audio to improve website conversions, visitor satisfaction and search results.
    • If your client is delivering content to a mobile user then the 8tech platform is a must.
    • Click Here to read a paper published in SearchEngineJournal.com about the 8tech platform and how it improves website performance.

  2. Shopping websites with clients who sell items through their website.
    • Using audio improves your clients sales by giving an audio description of the product or service for sale.
    • Allows the client to reach mobile users better with information about the product or service for sale.

  3. Employment websites whose clients want to have audio bios
    • Candidates use audio bios so potential employers can make a better decision about giving the candidate an interview.
    • Employers use the audio files to describe their job postings so candidates can better understand the position before applying.

  4. Websites connecting people, companies or organizations
    • The audio files give the clients a great way to listen to potential connection to find a match.
    • The client can reach potential matches on mobile much easier with audio.

Selling the audio files to your clients is a great way to boost revenue for your company or website. Setting up your group and giving the clients a link to create their own audio files is simple and easy. 8tech provides the two lines of code it takes to copy and paste the audio files in the clients profile on your website. There are multiple ways of setting up how your website will collect revenue from your client. A few examples are below:

  1. A one time fee for joining your group
  2. A fee for the number of audio files the client creates
  3. Per click on the audio file
  4. Per conversion by the client

The way you set up revenue is up to you and how you manage your website and group. 8tech works with you to build your group and revenue.

The Manager website is designed for website owners who wish to set up clients on their website to use the 8tech audio platform. If you have any questions, please email us at info@8globaltech.com or call (904) 305-4397.

The Manager website lets website owners:

  1. Create a Manager account.
  2. Create, edit or delete your clients.
  3. Review analytics from your clients accounts.
  4. Create, edit or delete your clients audio files.

Why create a group?

  1. Improve revenue on your website.
  2. Help your clients make connections, sales, etc.
  3. Help them provide more engaging information through your website.
  4. Using audio will improve your clients goals.
  5. Your clients can reach mobile users better with audio.